I don't know how many of you have been to southern Florida, Pensacola west to Gulfport, AL. The attractions are amazing and many. The Zoo, FloraBama, Pirates Cove, and more!

I am grateful to say I have been there many times. Moving up north to southern Tennessee, and then having my amazing grand-daughter Shelby down there making connections, allowing me the privelege of experiencing her amazing life.

Now my boy and his wife and baby are making plans to be there this mid-July, from Seattle. My daughter Becky is planning an arrival. This could be very special.

All of the time-shares are booked, but Shelby has friends with houses on the beach, that may be willing to rent one out to us.

That would be amazing, I see the Amazon movie plot building out, next thing you know, grandkids with babies would be joining us, that would be cool, but probably best for another time...

This summer is my defining moment. I will turn seventy seven, my body is falling apart, my mind is as sharp as it's ever been, except I forget shit all of the time.

Here's a shot of an in-shape me walking along the Pirate Cove pier with my great-grand-daughter Prudence. Just a few years ago. The moment and days were magical, and I miss her.

Now I sit here, smoke free, last call, wondering how the summer will evolve.

I could get in that shape again, if I chose to, or was motivated to.

Walking with Prudence along Pirate Cove now, would be motivation enough...