I just really realized what I have with this blog, and I'm very proud. As I dove down into the code today to eliminate a redundant video message and adjust the spacing, I love how it appears across platforms.

It looks and works great on a phone! It spreads out nicely as the screens and machines expand.

It is totally under my control. I pay for the hosting (IONOS) and the image storage (FLICKR). I take advantage of and enjoy many platforms across the internet. I embrace and love the JOOMLA blogging platform, thanks guys for building such a great thing.

I'm not at the bidding of anyone, this is my platform! I chose almost six years ago to not allow comments, I wanted this to just be a place where I could speak my mind and present my stuff to the world, without having to defend my position.

I have succeeded and I'm happy! This is most likely my last big computer project. I've had many great computer software victories over the decades, and so proud of them all.