Unlike some bloggers who have writers block, I can't stop writing. The words flow from my unstoned brain onto my screen. Damn, I wish I was stoned right now.

I am so envious of people that live in a pot friendly state. Get in your car, drive a few miles, buy legal product, take it home and smoke it. I have to drive to fucking Illinois!

Pot unleashes my creativity. I made some incredible breakthroughs in code technology stoned. In the early eighties I went with my business partners up into a sweet cabin in Lake Tahoe. They set me up with a multi-screen original IBM PC system, and I developed our next product. Stoned.

With so many states legalizing pot, the badness is now off. I don't consider myself a drug addict because I like to smoke. Trust me, I have bigger issues.

The last time I drove up to Metropolis, IL, I smoked a joint in my truck because I didn't want to smoke in my motel room. The smell lingered in there for a month, and if I had been pulled over here in town, I would have been hassled. How sad.

The truth is, weed is grown all over Tennessee. I have encountered a few people here that have sold me some local grown bud at a good price. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with them.

Yea, you may question me even talking about this, but wtf, are the local cops going to beat down my door and search for drugs because I wrote this? Trust me, they won't find any.

No, simple possession inside a private residence is a low priority for them. Yea, if they pull someone over and the vehicle has a pot smell, they have to dive in, because that's their job, and the law is what it is.

State legalization is a money crop in taxes. Almost half of what I pay for weed in a legal State, goes to the State. Excuse me? Who are the drug dealers here?

I truly believe, that all laws across this country involving pot, should be eliminated completely. Drop the fucking taxes. Put pot next to the lettuce in the grocery store.

And then move onto magic mushrooms...