I've been thinking about this Sad and Lonely concept, that apparently I am under. First off, am I Sad? That would imply being depressed, and sometimes I am, but most times I'm not.

I love life, very glad to be here, hope it sticks around! I'm sad that I've made many bad decisions over my lifetime, but what the fuck can I do about that now, so I am over that. Sadness no longer dominates my life.

Am I lonely? Duhh! I spend most of my day without any human contact, much less have a partner to share the moments with. But I have come to accept that.

And there are benefits to living alone! You only argue with yourself! You can fart in bed, loudly, let it rip! Life is about you, and nobody else.

Most days these days, I get up at 0300. I make my hot lemon water, catch up on the news, TicTok for a while, and then go back to bed. I then sleep until 0700 because I can. I'm not lonely during that time.

As the day rolls on, my only decision is when I'm going to head to the path and go walking. It usually occurs around noon, depending on the weather.

Daniel rolls in from his school maintenance job in the afternoon, and often comes over, so I have a little human contact, even if he is a crazy son of a bitch.

So, the bottom line is, am I sad and lonely? No!