It's been a fun morning hanging out with a couple of guys. One is a hot wheels collector and the other is an ice house repair specialist. They live together under the bridge, to keep expenses down.

I let them use my electricity and internet, to juggle car sales, and advise on ice house maintenance.

OJ has died at my age, and his life has been plastered all over my big TV all morning. Both of my friends have interesting takes on it. My only thought was his prison time and the fact that he died of prostate cancer.

The three of us are communicating in three different directions at the moment. They're both on their phones, one talking, one watching, while I'm on my computer blogging about it.

Their shopping carts with all of their possessions in them, are parked up against the house, because it's raining.

btw: I always blog honestly, but this was soaked with a bunch of facetiousness today...