A promise is a prison, don't make yourself another's jailer, stated the Romulan leader when her young son said to Picard, You promised to read me that book!.

Things were much different at the Romulan relocation hub at Vashti in 2385, than they are today. I don't treat that word lightly and I respect it to the fullest.

In fact I use the word rarely, but if I do make you a promise, you better believe that I will do whatever it takes to fulfill it!

Look, I've been around for going on 77 years and I'm sure there were a whole bunch of promises that I didn't keep. I ain't been no fucking saint, by any means.

But I'm talking about the person I have now become, an old man with just a few friends, hunkered down on a dead-end street in the deep South, Vashti if you will...

And if I look a person down here in the eye, and promise to do something, I do it! That's assuming I don't learn what a shotgun barrel tastes like, or get creamed on the highway, first.

So, I guess it's time for some promises:

I promise to never take my own life. I have tasted the dirt from groveling on the ground hopelessly, and I've learned that you'll have to take this one life from me, kicking and screaming like a wild man!

I promise to never intentionally hurt anyone, physically or mentally, even if they have hurt me. This is bigger than it appears, but short of self-defense, true.

I promise to be totally honest in my human conversations with people about life, unless it would hurt the person I'm talking to.

I promise to keep on blogging, until I can't press the keys, or have the money to maintain this site.