I've been thinking about my priorities lately, and they've come down to a few things. In order of importance: Family, friends, freedom, my mancave, physical and vehicle mobility, ice with vodka and water, a little smoke, and some hot sex before I die.

Beyond that, I'm just doing my best to keep moving forward, with a positive attitude and love in my heart.

It's a healthy process, to think about, and honestly rate, your priorities!

One of my goals today has been to pay god's blessings upon me, forward.

As I headed into the discount smoke shop for ice, I saw a man drop a sheet of paper into the parking lot, in the wind. He managed to secure it with his foot, but couldn't bend over to pick it up.

I walked over and picked the paper up and placed it into the stack of papers within his arms. He said it's rough being 57, and I told him I'm 77.

Then he said something that blew my mind: "I know you are, I think you're amazing"!

He looked familiar, was this another person I've helped out around here, that I can't remember, or a friend of one I have. Whatever, it was a great encounter!