The best time I've ever spent here in my Southern Tennessee small place, was when the dark rental vehicle turned on to our street and I said "they're here".

Suddenly, a flood of family came rushing out the doors, into my space and into my arms. My son Riley, wife Jessica, baby Ariella, and Taleigh in the belly. Grand-daughter Shelby and her dog Zinny.

I had barbecue waiting in the center of my mancave. They all got to experience my life here, and like I said, the best day. I even took them on a back road cruise up to the Park and back through the Square.

Then we all headed North for our amazing Nashville adventure.

I've lived in many places in my life, and I've learned a truth. You either love it, hate it, or endure it. If you love a place, you lovingly hold onto it. If you hate a place, you fight desperately to escape it.

To endure a place is to accept the level of security it offers, at a price you can afford.

Maybe there's another level, where the three emotions can come together, and thrive. I think that's where I'm at right now.