So what now? I really don't know. It's the middle of March, 2023 and I have no plans until mid-July, and even those aren't firmed up.

I suppose I could plan a couple road trips, but to where and why? I have ended up alone, and uninspired.

I've come a long way from having a life with friends and family back in Washington state, with a twelve year layover in Idaho, to surviving in a little house alone in Tennessee.

I really hate to admit this, but maybe I blew it. I had a great career going as a transit supervisor for HopeLink in Seattle. My tax issues were under resolve, and I probably would have ended up in management, and retired.

Then my sister called, invited us to Idaho, and changed everything. OK, I had a wonderful time there with Steph and my sisters family, I admit that completely. So what the fuck am I saying?

That the move to Tennessee was a mistake? God, I don't know anymore. I suppose I could play this game back for many decades!

Living in the South has been good, on occasion. I've explored places I never would have, been to Belize three times and Roatan twice.

But now I am alone. I have a couple of friends, that I see once in a while. Yet for the most part I have no life here.

Feeding the ducks is not life! Getting drunk with Daniel is not life! Putting sad empty words out to the internet, is pathetic. Sorry...