Kip the homeless guy came by today. The last time he showed up at my door I turned him away. I was still pissed off from a previous attempt to help him, and I just closed the door.

Today as I looked at him in his beat up, living under the local bridge clothes, my humanity to my fellow man kicked in, and I allowed him inside.

I made him a drink and we chatted for a while. I said I was still pissed at him, he wanted to know why, and I told him. No anger or animosity, just stated the facts, and he accepted it.

He's used up every service in the county and they're all turning him away now. His life has been a tormented mess since he was born here forty years ago. I saw the agony in his eyes today.

But I have done what I can, I slipped him a twenty and sent him out the door. Then I sprayed down and cleaned my chair.