My truck has been reborn, it's gone from dead to amazing! I drove her North on Hwy 43 up to Columbia and back, through multiple speed zones and topped out at 75 when the popo wasn't watching.

As I drove I thought about all the good things I've done to her recently.

• Major brake job.

• New tires, first rotation.

• New cap and rotor.

• New spark plugs.

• Rebuilt the carburetor.

• Flushed the transmission.

• Flushed the rear end.

• New distributer.

• Oil change tomorrow.

If you're going to drive a thirty five year old truck, you have to maintain it.

Losing her over Thanksgiving made me realize how much I need her. We have a relationship together! If I had put as much care and attention into a woman, I wouldn't be a sad lonely old man, now.