My grand-daughter Shelby is a beautiful amazing woman, with a penchant for military men. One year on a road trip to Southern CA, I visited her at the Camp Pendleton Marine base, where she was living with her Marine snipper husband.

To get into the Base I had to present my drivers license to a nice young lady in a guard shack. Shelby told me later that my ID had been subjected to a top level security clearance scan, and if I had the slightest shit going on, I wouldn't have gotten through.

The guy was young, hot, and a snipper. She told me later over lunch off base that they were getting a divorce.

Later, she dated the Blue Angel that tragically died here in a La Vergne, TN crash.

She has now been in a relationship with Andy, a Navy Commander, for some time now. I got to know Andy over our Christmas Cruise to the Caribbean a while back, and I like him. He could have captained our cruise boat in an emergency.

Andy was assigned to the Pentagon recently and they relocated to DC, from their home in Pensacola. Now he's heading to Italy, and Shelby is heading back to Florida. She want's kids and a family, Andy wants a career.

So now she's going to put all of her stuff into a U-Haul, hook her vehicle on the back, and head South. She turned thirty one this year, at the top of her game, and I just have to wonder, what's next!