Back when I lived in Teton Valley, Idaho, I drove a Paratransit bus for an outfit called TRPTA (Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority).

They were based down in Idaho Falls, and occasionally my partner Karen and I would be called there to attend a company meeting.

We would take one of our busses based in Driggs, and head down after work.

Somehow, I always ended up sitting next to Lindsey. She was an office lady there, married with kids, and we had a connection. Nothing sexual, we just enjoyed each other.

She would loop her arm through mine sometimes and rest her head against my shoulder. These were good sized meetings, with about forty or fifty drivers there, and I can't imagine what they thought. We didn't care, Karen was gay, and she would just roll her eyes and smile. :-)

TRPTA went out of business a while after I left them. My friend Amanda, the boss lady, was unfortunately full of shit. I had a long career as a Paratransit supervisor with two large companies back in Seattle, and one day she invited me into her office and diagramed her vision for the company on her blackboard.

She had a real talent for spinning bullshit, that fooled a lot of people, but I knew it was nonsense. She was my friend, I let it slide, and the company eventually imploded.

But at least I made a friend named Lindsey!