Ahhh, Sunday evening in the South, in January. The snow totals are projected to be seven inches or more tonight.

Back where I come from, we talked in feet, not inches. I know what driving a public bus in the dead of a high mountain Idaho winter is like. I did it for a decade.

That experience now tells me to just stay off the road and let it thaw. Put that strip club down in Huntsville visit off for a bit.

I have determined that I have an addictive disposition. Right now I'm suffering through a bout of Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter munchies. The kitchen knife lays poised to dive into the jar, on a paper towel, in my kitchen.

In fact, that's been my main exercise, back and forth for another scoop, each time swearing it was my last.

And I have not communicated with anyone all day. No calls, no text, no email, no human interaction. I have power and heat, I'm secure, and I'm thankful for what I have left in life. Let it snow...