I don't remember last night. I know my two buddies were over at some point, that's it.

All I ate yesterday was a terrible big mac and hard fries, so I poured myself into my clothes this morning and drove to breakfast.

It's a beautiful day here in Tennessee, crisp air, blue sky, and quiet. I crossed the highway and slid into the downtown square on the backroads.

When I pulled up there were three women outside the door, and I knew them! Two were the Jehovahs Witness ladies I met a week or so ago, and the other was Gail, a cool old chick with a walker.

We chatted in the warm sunshine of a very quiet town square, and it made the fact that I don't remember last night, mute.

Then I escorted Gail in and we sat together inside a totally dead place. We both had coffee and I ate some eggs.

She talked about needing to go to Walmart but the local transit services were not currently available for some reason.

My first reaction was to throw her walker in the back of my truck and drive her there. I'm an ex paratransit guy, it's what I did for decades.

But then I thought, wait... Gail's a sweet old lady but this is just a second date. Do I really want to tie my day up driving her around town?

I chose not, maybe next time. Daniels now coming over to tell me about the crazy late night we just had.