Daniel's and my poker game was into day three on my table today, but his wife has had him snagged since yesterday, I needed the space, and just tore it down.

Grand-daughter Shelby and I are talking a Seattle trip this Summer, she out of Tampa, me out of Nashville. She's got some Defense business to do, we both have a new baby to meet, and we can stay in their trailer out back.

Shelby's also a travel agent, so I can just leave the arangements to her.

This will probably be my last adventure. I'm running out of money, mobility and ambition. A great trip to hang with my favorite people this Summer, is a perfect way to wind down.

Hey Riley and Jess, plan an event that includes both sides of your families. I would love to see them all again, and introduce them to Shelby!

Update: Can you spot Shelby emanating from the middle, surrounded by two dark haied ladies and a hot redhead?