I've got fourteen grandkids, and I've only known five. Shelby and her brother John I met as toddlers almost thirty years ago. Chris was the first born and I haven't seen either of the guys for decades.

I've met and gotten to know two more grand-daughters, Shannon and Taylor. I'm in close contact with only one of them, my Shelby down in Florida.

So, that leaves nine grandkids I have never met. They have my genes and my history. Washington and Lincoln were our cousins. I have great strong American blood that goes back centuries, on both sides.

Even their mothers family has strong Iowan farmer history.

I'm an ex brilliant computer scientist and a very smart guy. I have a strong propensity towards intoxicants, and I have Parkinsons.

It would seem that my grandkids would have an interest in those facts, maybe they do, but I haven't met most of them, much less sat around and talked heritage.