I got a craving for an ice cream sandwich and a little chocolate this afternoon, so I drove up the hill to the Dollar General. There was a couple in front of me buying out the place with their teenage daughter, who swore that Kit-Kat was her favorite taste in the world.

As I stood there with the ice cream melting in my hand, I thought about my ex who started working for Dollar General when we moved here five and a half years ago. She has since told me fuck you and disappeared.

And I realize the only feelings I have left from that twenty year relationship is sadness, and anger. For a while there I thought she would contact me and tell me how she landed, I loved her and wished her well, but it never happened.

Now I'm just bitter. I arrived in this place thinking I would have some family and maybe continue a friendship, and just ended up a broken lonely old man on a dead end street.

I have always spoken lovingly here of my many years with Steph, but I'm making it a personal vow to never mention her, or her family, here again.