I dug out a big old air fryer today that I bought a few years back and used once. Then I went to Krogers and bought this family meal package with a boneless beef chuck roast, potatoes, carrots and an onion.

Cooked it up good so the meat would melt in my mouth, turns out everything did, then I sprinkled some red pepper seasoning on it, spilt the small red potatoes in half and slapped on some sour cream.

Then I carried a couple paper plates with food over to Daniel and Jennifer, they liked it.

It's a beautiful Easter weekend here. As I was walking into the store a little girl with a huge smile came running up to me, followed by her mother with a big sign asking for money. She was young, very pretty and I would have loved to just swoop them up and helped them out, but I'm an old man and it would have been strange. So I just gave her some money.

Daniel is suffering from chest pains and a conviction that he's dying from heart disease. He's really old, mid-fifties, and nothing I say seems to lighten his load. There's a Monday appointment coming up at the hospital to discuss stents.

My other friend is off the charts, missing in action. I know his girlfriend is in jail here over child-support issues, and hopefully he's alright.

So happy easter everyone, christ is risen and the eggs are hidden. I used to love this holiday, hiding eggs and notes all over the neighborhood in the early morning, and then dropping off a starter note at Riley's front door, then waiting for him to find me in the end, with a big basket.

Now not so much. I had a great egg hunt here with Steph's grand-daughters a few years back, now they probably wouldn't even recognize me on the street, and that breaks my heart.