I'm very happy with my Medicare Advantage health insurance. Today was eye examination day, and I had gone in late December to buy a frame on last years allotment. So, I had a complete exam, ordered the glass, still have a frame credit if I want to get some shades this year, and all it cost was a $35 copay. Those visits to my Neurologist are only $10.

So I now have intermediate macular degeneration, on top of pre-Parkinsons and some funky shit going on with my blood. But I'm still alive! Still kickin the bucket down the road, and I havent fallen in a while now.

I've also got a roof over my head, money to buy food and booze, a trusty vehicle to get me around, and a couple friends. I really do need to stop bitching about life, and simply embrace it.

I also said a prayer to God today, sitting in the eye doctors exam room, waiting for my pupils to dialate. I had texted Jess about her baby girl who was sick with flu like symptoms, and she wrote back that she was taking her to the doctor today, and I prayed that she would be fine. It takes a lot for this old agnostic to pray, so I really hope he's lisitening.

btw: I just ran across an old post called My History, so if you don't know, here you go...