I just had an in-home doctors visit by a 72 year old guy named Peter. He's quite experienced, and this was the best checkup I've had in a long time.

He ran thru a battery of questions, checked my chest and back thoroughly with his scope.

We talked about a lot of things, I told him I'm an alcoholic and he didn't flinch. He walked over to my vitamin stash and looked at every one of them, then recommended a couple more. He also told me some blood tests he wants done next time I go to the clinic.

Considering I woke up this morning wondering wether I was going to live through the day, he said I should make it, and probably tomorrow also. The truth is, for all of the abuse I have poured all over me, in the process of reaching almost 77, I'm in good shape.

My record showed a Parkinson's drug called Primidone that I used to take for tremors. Somehow it's gotten dropped from my regime, and he told me get back on it, next time I hit the clinic.

We are currently under a tornado watch, and I'm doing ok.