I'm getting hooked on Perdue Chicken. It's quality, free range chicken, and they're dropping the Dino shaped nuggets, so they were on sale today.

Dipped in sugar free Yum Yum sauce, they make a great snack.

And I seriously modified my Summer plans this morning. I've been having second thoughts to committing myself to a full time driving job.

When I texted the manager Elizabeth about the days of the week we would be running, and she said it wasn't firmed up yet, I realized if I was going to bail on a commitment, now would be the time.

She asked if I would be willing to be a backup driver if I was in town, and I said absolutely. I then texted the boss man Ricky, and he was fine with that. I trust they will find someone shortly. It's a fun job, maybe just for a younger person.

So, to my family and a Florida hookup this Summer, I'm back on the table!