My friend Elizabeth is the manager of Crockett Shoals Tubing Company, a place I have worked for, over two Summers as both a driver and a tube patcher.

They need a driver and are actively looking, as Memorial Day is rapidly approaching. I've been texting with Liz about her position that the driver be able to back up a small school bus with a trailer behind. My position is that it's a circular route, and to lower that requirement. Update: Elizabeth convinced me otherwise, citing two emergency pickup locations, that require backing...

I've driven that bus, and I have backed up with that trailer. I consider myself a professional driver with decades of experience, and that combination of vehicle and trailer backing, should be avoided at all costs.

I also spent a great afternoon with the big boss Ricky, who dropped by my place yesterday, plopped down into my other big comfortable chair, and shot the shit with me for quite a while. We talked about the business, and cruising, he's taken fifteen with Carnival!

I apologized for initially committing to driving this Summer, the truth is I'm not up for it now. I was in great shape last Summer as I patched tubes in the back. I would have rather driven, but that's what they needed!

I have agreed with both Elizabeth and Ricky to be a backup driver, if I'm here when they need me this Summer.

I have also proposed a wonderful route to the drop spot here on my dead end street, just down from my house, on Shoal Creek.

It involves a nice little run down to Frisbee Park, a right up the hill and then a left into the Square. The driver will ask if anyone has ever been to Lawrenceburg Tennessee. What a perfect opportunity to act as a city ambassador for our city, with the wonderful little shops downtown and the David Crockett cabin on the right.

Cross over the railroad tracks and follow them to the right, until the road veers to the left onto Highway 43. The visibility both ways on this busy highway is great, with a short little jog over to Lee St, and the drop.

Next Friday I have agreed to train a driver, if they hopefully find one, and this is my lesson. I'll also be getting the boys up to speed with tube patching.

I love the folks at Crockett Shoals Tubing Company, I wish them a very successful season. and if I can help out this year, great!