I've been seeing a TikTok promotion for a Social Security food supplement of $3,300 a year. It was one of those click a few button sites to see if you qualify, before it expires. And it was not from the Social Security department.

So I mossied over to our local Social Security office to see what's up. I waited forty minutes in their lobby before talking to a nice lady through a window.

She confirmed my suspicion, that Social Security has no such supplement. Who knows what the scam is, but this old man ain't buying it. It's sad to think how many folks do fall for this stuff.

I did sign up for a Medicare Advantage health plan from a local outfit when I first moved here, best thing I ever did. A couple of nice ladies showed up at my house, sat in my comfy chairs, and took over my Social Security Medicare.

Since then, I've been living in the land of $10, and occasionally $35, copays, for high level visits and procedures! It's been excellent medical care on many levels, where I can just lay $10 down as I leave, or hand them my card for a $35.

I've had skin cancer removed, my few remaining teeth removed, major examinations of everything, from the speciality places up in Columbia, TN.

Blood worked, brain scanned, and in return I once bought my local FastPace Clinic friends some fresh donuts from the best bakery in town.

The bottom line is, somehow with the insanity of my life, I've landed in a space where my health can be maintained, at a price I can afford.

Major shit would blow it apart, I'm sure. I've had a couple of dealings with our local hospital and they don't play within this 10/35 copay world.