Thinking about drugs that I have tried in my life. I did heroin once, meth a couple of times, lots of acid, I love peyote buttons, had a cocaine phase, I grew a small crop of bud once, opium, and I'm sure there are many others that have not made this list.

But I never got addicted to any of it, never became a druggie. I stopped with everything when I moved to Seattle decades ago, to help raise my son. I was down to booze, and smoke, and quit cigarettes a few years in.

I'm experimental, I push boundaries both in this blog and in my life! To do otherwise is a waste of the moment, moments that I over share right here!

OMG's crash into my text feed as I write and post. I have boundaries, and when I wake up the next morning I have to decide wether I have exceeded them. If so, the excessive post will fade off to the big trash bin in the cloud, and the archive of my bizarre life will continue on.

But I'm discovering that my boundaries are stretching out, sometimes I write stuff that probably shouldn't stick around, and I just smile and say Fuck It!