I started my modern blogging almost thirteen years ago. I spent decades before that creating technology and sharing it, but I wasn't sharing my life with the world every day.

Back in 2011 I was living in a beautiful log home at the base of the Grand Teton mountains in Idaho, driving the local TRPTA bus around the Valley.

In my beautiful office, with a great PC, I created a blog using the best platform on the market, WordPress. I learned how to host it, maintain it, and I named it BusDriverJim.com.

The first post was called Vegas Notes One on June 6, 2011. I had driven down to Las Vegas from Idaho to hang out with my boy Riley, and his girlfriend Jessica, who is now the mother of his two girls.

Blogging is an amazing process, I kept living there and writing, shooting photos, and publishing it all to the world, untill September 30, 2018.

It was a glorious site on PC's and laptops, but once it ended I had to bring it down to phone size, for retirement.

If you truly wanted to follow my life in Teton Valley, either forward or backward, you still could...

Then I moved here and started this blog from a Joomla platform. I didn't miss a beat and my life in Lawrenceburg, TN, and the world, is documented here, in excess. With some really crazy shit sitting in the trash :-)