It's been a beautiful day here in southern Tennessee, clear skies, temps around eighty. I drove up to check on my ducks around noon, before walking the path at Veterans Park. I haven't fed them in a while and I was excited to see them at the dock.

I had my window down as I pulled up, doing my quack quack call, and usually they would come running. They didn't budge, so I walked down to them with my bag of quack, and asked what's up?

They had no interest in getting fed, and as I looked around, I saw wild bird feed on the ground, the same stuff I buy at Tractor Supply. Someone has taken over the feeding, and I wonder if they have read my blog, or watched my videos!

It wasn't quack cocaine, there was no cracked corn in the mix, but definitely the same bird feed.

Whatever, I guess I'm off the hook. I can save my bird feed for the birds (and the squirrels) here at the house...