I just saw on TV the result of a major poll, asking "What's the best State in the Country to live in"? The result blows my mind! I'll bet if given twenty guesses, you wouldn't get it!

The answer, Utah! They even had a picture of the Salt Lake City skyline on the screen as they announced it.

Are you kidding me? That state is just south of Idaho, and I've driven down it many times on the way to Vegas, and my favorite places in Arizona. It's barren ass country untill you get to SLC, and I've visited that city many times. It's just as bad as any big city when it comes to crime and drugs.

And it's Mormon land, the big Temple is there, this is crazy. Idaho is way better than Utah. South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming are Paradise compared to Utah! How about Florida?

I just remembered something, I lived in that city when I was five, before moving to California. Wow, I used to live in the best State in the Country, now I live in the greenest State in the land of the free!