It's quite interesting sharing your life throughout the day with the world. Each Post must encapsulate itself, stand on it's own, make a point! Yet blend into the synchronous fabric of the blog, smoothly.

I try to present all Posts positively, as if there's anybody out there that actually gives a flying fuck cares.

Sometimes I don't succeed, and fall off the edge. Hey, I've been falling off the edge since I could walk. I usually have my crazy Posts down before sunrise.

I've had the most amazing life, and been blogging about it for the last fifteen years. I've talked about everything, from the moment I was born, until now.

The truth is, it would take weeks to read, and why would anyone want to. My past life doesn't matter, hell my current life barely matters. If I was somebody famous it would be a fun dig, with a bunch of photos and video.

So why do I do this? Because I can!