I landed in Kent, WA in the early nineties, from Oakland, CA. What stuff I had left was in storage down in the Bay Area. I flew up to Washington with one of my Jewish investors, a former tank commander with the Israel army. Our business connection had ended and he was off to meet with Microsoft.

I hooked up with Riley and his mom, who had just moved up to Kent. I lived there for many years, starting a new separate life, while raising Riley.

I remember New Years Eve 2000, walking back to their place after a night at the local bar. I honestly never thought I would live into the 20th century, but there I was. Suddenly out of the dark a beautiful woman appeared and kissed me strong, I was her New Years kiss, and I never saw her again.

It's now more than twenty four years later, and I'm still alive. I can't remember the last time I kissed a woman, much less on New Years Eve. Probably Steph since it was our anniversary.

What this has taught me is that setting limits on your life span is foolish. Also thinking you may never be with a woman again, may be wrong.