I just had a horrible event happen to me. Dainiel dropped by here three days ago and I had collapsed to the floor. He got my cash out of my wallet (under a hundred) and called 911. I was dressed in my robe, Daniel was great dealing with the 911 drivers.

They took me straight up to Columbia at Maury Regional. I had two Seizures and an Acute Subdural Hematoma on the way to the hospital. I don't remember that first day at all, barely the second, and finally my memory came around slightly, I could walk with difficulty, and was discharged.

Daniel was coming back from heart stint surgery in Nashville with Drew and they drove up to Columbia and got me. The hospital brought me down in a wheelchair and I climbed into Drew's vehicle.

This has been the worst physical thing to happen to me in my life. My brain was damamged and I've been struggling to know who I am and where I live. For a while I thought I lived in Kent, WA, for a while I thought I lived in Driggs, ID. Now I realize I live in Lawrenceburg, TN.

I couldn't remember this town until we arrived this afternoon. Now I'm back inside my house and things are familiar but strange. I'm so grateful to Maury Regional for helping me and discharging me from their wonderful hospital.

But man, I really thought I was going to die in there. They had faith in my ability to walk and recover, and they were getting barraged by friends and family for me to get out. Thank you Maury Regional!

Now I'm home writing this Post. I remember my place, my head is spinning and I stagger around, but damn I'm glad to be home.