My amazing grand-daughter Shelby and I, have been entertaining becoming roommates at a house on the beach as she moves back to Florida this Summer. I bailed today.

I look around my little house and realize that this is where I've landed, I accept it, and I will die here. My remaining possessions are embedded in this place, the rent is $500 a month, and I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want to. This is my base.

We had a great chat today, and I get that she want's to help her sad and lonely old grandfather out, because that's who she is. But I would be a burden to her in my condition, and I can't do that, because that's who I am.

So I'm staying put. I have offered my help with anything this Summer, she can swing through Lawrenceburg on any trip South from DC, layover and I'll show her around, and then jump in and head to Florida with her. I can also be a guest down there whenever I want, not a roommate.

I told her the sad and lonely thing is my job to correct, and since I'm retired, I need a job.

And the thought of my neighbor Daniel meeting Shelby, brings a smile to my face, he's a big fan!