I wrote four Posts yesterday, and deleted them all when I stumbled from my bed this morning. Usually I would tweak out the stupid shit and keep a couple, not today.

I've been blogging here for over five years and I've trashed many a Post. The ones that dive real deep and cross the line hard, kind of Post.

I've never emptied the trash on this blog. Without checking it out, maybe my hosting platform does not have an automatic housekeep function. That means there may be two worlds here!

(1) What I present to the world as my truth and reality.

(2) What I presented for a short while, then realized it was too honest, and brought it down to trash.

Ok, I just checked and the only trashed Post's left go back to the first of this year. That means that most of the torment drained out of my old troubled mind, through my fingers and lingering online for a moment, is gone.

Hmmm, the Trashed Journal of OldManJim could have been a hit!