I was standing in the door of my little house this afternoon, blasting music out and rocking my hips, when it struck me that I account to nobody. I don't need approval for my road trip tomorrow from anyone!

Every decision I make about everything I do is completely my own, unbiased by another. Every financial decision is totally uncompromised. I do it, I own it.

To my friends, can you say that? More than likely not, but that means you have a partner. Partners are good, you share your life, your decisions, your money, all good things...

But so is freedom. I stand here before you as an example.

I just got a butterfly stoned. It was hanging on my screen door and looked just like the one that loved the leather on my sandal the other day, perched on it for a while as I sat out on my lawn.

Speaking of connections, I'm heading to Georgia this weekend, south of Atlanta, hooking up with grand-daughters Shelby and Shannon. I'll drop Piper at the vet tomorrow at 0800 and I'm off for a road trip with my rebuilt smooth ride. Stoked!!!

Hitting Hunstville, AL first.

Took my truck into the park this morning to test the ride and my new brakes saved a sweet little brightly spotted baby fawn that darted into the rode from it's mother side. Then I drove around to the lake and caught it before the sun hit the water.

I have created my Last Will & Testament through LegalZoom that contains:

To my son Riley, I leave my truck. Fly here and drive her back home, and bring back my fancy Samsung phone and watch for Jessica.

To my neighbor Daniel, I leave whatever vodka is under the sink and my big comfy chairs and Wyoming tables.

To Crissinda, I leave my two big TV's.

To Shelby, I leave my computers, she'll figure out something.

To Brian, I leave my cameras.

To Steph, I leave Piper.

Everything else can be hauled to the dump. I want to be buried, not burned. Whatever money is left goes to Riley.

Insects have declined by 75% in the past 50 years, bad news world. There are 220,000 people living in Georgia without any ID, violence and homelessnes is everywhere, a family of illegal Hondurans just setup camp on my creek, and I have the audacity to piss and moan about my life. Wow...

Putting new shocks, brakes and tires on my truck. Got a new neurology appointment for Aug 4th. Just trying to stay alive and moving down the road. Peace...

Found geese lounging around DC Park this morning between storm fronts.

More footage from the abandoned kitty problem.

Sometimes you need to come up with a new word that describes your life. As I sit here in my little house with internal tremors turning to external and my sweet fat cat in front of me on the desk gazing peacefully out the window, the word that rises up from my gut is fukallyall. It's a southern expression and fukallyall.com is actually available, but fuck that...


My amazing exciting life down in southern Tennessee!

Spotted a couple nice flowers in my backyard:

The strangest thing just happened. As I was talking to David in my living room my gut started screaming at me. My head was all settled in to turning my place and Piper over to this guy so I could hit the road for a while, but my gut was having no part of it. So I just bailed on the whole thing.

I apologized profusely, slipped a fifty into his hand and asked him to leave. Not that I didn't like him, I did, and Daniel was over last night and the three of us drank together and had fun. It was just the concept of turning my very structured little world here over to a stranger. I couldn't shake it, I couldn't do it, now what?

I told Dave the story of me meeting god, this morning. How I was driving down a back road in Kent, WA homeless, living in my car and looking for a tree to crash into and end it all. God said, in a male voice from above, "I'm giving you some power" and suddenly a burst of energy hit the top of my head and blasted down through my body.

It worked. When I left that town with Steph heading to a new life in Idaho I was a respected transit supervisor, having crawled up from the bottom. Thank you god.

I meet the most interesting people in the park. Saturday I walked up on this older guy sitting in his truck with his black lab type dog on the ground by his open door. As I approached he yelled out something about his dog so I just turned around and said "Well excuse the fuck out of me" and headed back to my truck. His dog Hunter got up and met me, and we bonded, then David got out his vehicle and said Wait, hello, sorry... Turns out the guy is sixty, living out of his truck to allow his sons to live under his ex-wives roof and, welcome to the South.

I then ran into him again yesterday, the 4th of July. He had some local brewed moonshine and I had my sunshine and we stopped at my house where I introduced him to Piper and my neighber Daniel while Hunter laid on the lawn. He visited a while and then moved on down the road.

Later that evening I'm hunkered down in my living room as the big Nashville fireworks show was ready to blast off my big screen, when he appeared at my front door with green to put in my pipe. In return I let him crash on the foam bed in the back of my truck, which he did shortly after arriving, while I watched the amazing fireworks on into the night, yelling loudly and smiling.

Update: I just got Daniel's seal of approval, which was very important, and I have found myself a house and Piper sitter! Hunter will be staying with one of his sons.

Well now they call me the breeze, I keep blowin down the road. I ain't hiding from nobody, nobody's hiding from me.

(JJ Cale)

Oh! I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody. Yeah! I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me.

(Whitney Houston)

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