I had one of those dreams last night, you know, the super realistic dream where you think you're there and living it.

I showed up in Vegas, on the Strip, with a bunch of friends on a tour bus. I've been to Vegas several times, so my brain had a lot to feed on.

Everybody spread out around a large Casino and I was the tech guy who moved around and helped everyone with their devices that they were hooking up to the casino system to gamble.

Like most dreams of this kind, things started falling apart quickly. At one point I'm wandering around with a bag of my dirty clothes and my devices, couldn't find my friends, and eventually lost everything.

So, I thought this must be a dream and I forced myself to wake up, but when I did I was in a small room with a bed, and when I walked outside I was still on the Strip. Now I was getting concerned...

I started doing stupid things (won't go into detail), challenging my reality. Things were going downhill quickly and I really thought this was my life, but I eventually forced myself to wake up, one more time, just in case.

When I did and I was in my bed, in a little house on a dead end street, in a small town in Southern Tennessee, with laundry to do.