So how are you going to spend the rest of the Winter, old man jim?

Well, last Summer I patched float tubes, this Winter I'll just be the quack cocaine dealer down at the duck dock.

It would be great to put new leaf springs and tires on Jill, and spend Christmas with Shelby up in D.C. Haven't seen this grand-daughter since last Christmas, on a cruise boat in the middle of the Caribbean.

It's only 750 miles and twelve hours, I used to be able to pull that down in a day. Like on that jaunt I made across the country to see Riley in Seattle, two summers ago. I wore Jill's ass off on that trip.

I'm not tied down, Piper is saddly gone and I'm not in a relationship, unless you count my husband Daniel, who is currently hanging out with his wife. Bitch!

There are some things stopping me, like uninsperation, brain abuse, soul searching, fear that if something goes south, can I handle it?

Meanwhile, maybe I can get my ducks to frantically eat Quack out of Madeline's hand tomorrow. That would be nice.

Here's how I see it going down. Liz and Maddie meet me at number seven, tomorrow morning between 0800 and 0815, and follow me to the dock. It's important that we arrive together, because they know my truck.

Maddie and I will sit on the curb, by the dock, side by side, and feed them from seperate bags of Quack. Hopefully Liz can grab video.