Sometimes I question where I've landed in life, (a small house on a dead end street in southern Tennessee) and then I think of what might have been. I guess we all do that don't we. My new technique in dealing with this is to imagine the worst scenario, like ending up unibomber style in a maximum security cell with just a hard cot, a toilet, and a small little writing shelf, until you die. My place is a palace in comparison and I'm free to live my life how I wish! So shut the hell up brain.

Speaking of that, my creativity is running rampant, my brain is exploding with new ideas and concepts and it's truly out of control and I need to settle it down a bit or I won't be able to focus on anything. Right now I'm going to get my ass off this chair and go to the store for food, just because I can. Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!