It's been a good day, so far. Went to O'Reilly and bought some Purple Power and an extendable brush that hooks to the hose, with a switch that determines how much water comes out of the brush.

Than I washed my truck. I have neglected this important old truck owner duty, for years, and today she got all scrubbed up.

My free Garmin power cord arrived, within 48 hours I might add. It works great and my GPS is now going into the electronics travel bag, that I just bought on Amazon for $15.

My sandals have been funky since I used them to move rocks in the creek with Ricky, so I ordered some new ones from Amazon.

Then I went up to the Square to get myself cleaned up. I've noticed the Beauty College there and a bunch of nice looking young people in black uniforms, are always hanging around outside.

I walked in and the energy was great. A pretty young lady named Abby gave me a great haircut. The cut was seven bucks and I tipped her ten.

Then I went to Legends and ate catfish, with sides. All before eleven.