Today, June 30, for the first time in quite a while, I managed to not drink, walked a lap around the path, and got 20 reps each of my core workout routine.

The goal for tomorrow is the same, two laps around, add one rep to each routine every day, and hit the gym. Then continue until I'm healthy again.

I know it's only one day, but I have to do this, work through the Parkinsons, and stay alive!

Wish me well...

Update, July 1, met my goals! 21 reps each routine, two laps, and got back to the gym. And no booze one drink in the evening.

I figured out something, that I could either be killing myself with alcohol, before Parkinsons takes me out, or get my body in shape to fight it. I guess I'm choosing the latter...

A funny thing happened while I was walking a lap {1 mile) with Daniel. I told him he should hit the gym, then he smacked me hard on the shoulder and said I just did! :-)

Update, July 2, 22 reps, 3 laps, gym.

Update, July 3, 23 reps, 1 lap, gym.

Update, July 5, 24 reps, 4 laps, light gym, dry.