248 people rode our tubes down Shoal Creek today. It was a beautiful hot Saturday and the folks just kept showing up all day. We almost ran out of tubes and the staff were throwing flat ones they found inside the storage unit at me, as well as ones that got flattened on the creek from rocks and who knows what shit.

I was a tube patching machine today and now I'm home and walking around the house like a fucking old man. Oh, wait...

I'll be 76 next Saturday, and I'm still working out here at home before I go to work. Eating very healthy, no sugar, meat on a rare occasion. I inject meth into my arm before bed to help me sleep (ok, I drink hot lemon juice). I'm trying to beat the odds and stay alive!

I am the PatchMan.

...and thank god patchman.com is taken, I don't feel like programming a website.