I'm Netflicking a documentary about John McAfee, the antivirus guru who left his company with 110 million, and moved to Belize. As one who has been to Belize three times, and the offshore islands of San Pedro and Caye Caulker, I understand why. It's amazing down there.

I could have been John. Well before antivirus software became a thing with PC's, I was approached by my Israeli backers to create one. They were already pushing my PC software around the country, and conceived it as a viable product. I turned them down for some reason.

I despise antivirus software in general, never met John or Peter Norton, but I was at Pete's office down in Los Angeles with my partners, and he was out of the office.

Remind me to tell you about hanging out with the folks from Digital Research down in Monterey. This was the company that IBM first approached for an operating system for their new PC. The owner, Gary Kildall, was out of town when they arrived, so they headed north to talk to Bill and Paul. Oh how different computer history could have been!

But I digress. I need to sweep my floor for movie night at 1800, because the housekeeper is out of town...