I was hanging out with my neighbor this afternoon at his place looking at pictures of his relatives when suddenly my phone woke up and my watch started beeping so I opened my phone screen and a bearded face with a funky hat appeared. It was Santa, otherwise known as my great friend Dave from Kent, WA that I haven't talked to in years, and his wife Sue!

They got my number from Riley, called with Duo, looked terrific and we chatted for twenty minutes. Totally made me want to be there firing up a blunt with my old friends. Oh well, it's Tennessee for the moment...

I texted him and asked for a picture to put here, and this is what I got:

Left to right: Son Jereme and wife, Sue, Dave, grandkids Dakota and Riley.

Left to right: Daughter Sabrina, Dave, Nick, grandkids below: Gianna and Lola.

Riley and I watched Jereme and Sabrina grow up and it's very cool that Jereme named one of his kids after my boy. :-)