I haven't had any coffee for several months now, actually the only time I drink it is on road trips, and it's usually rotgut stuff from a gas station.

I was in downtown Lawrenceburg, TN and I had the craving today, so I asked Goggle. Turns out there was a coffee shop just South of the Square in a beautiful old house. In fact, if it wasn't for the tiny little sign near the street, you wouldn't know.

As I turned the old doorknob, I wasn't even sure if they were open. I was greeted with a bustling scene of attractive young women, and kids. I asked the lady at the counter if this was normal, and she said yes, it's a gathering spot for young mom's to get together in the morning with their children.

She made me an espresso style black coffee, with a double cup and a straw, and it was delicious! The address is 205 S Military Ave, if you're in the neighborhood.