I wonder if dried bird shit is a protein source for chipmunks. They share the same board and sometimes the shit mixes in with the seed, and the board is eaten clean often.

I accept full responsibility for the small animal obesity problem in my little neighborhood, but everyone is looking happy and plump.

I've run out of peanuts and I can't keep Chipper from running around my living room demanding nuts. I could close the screen door, but then I wouldn't be able to see the feeding board.

And yes, that's my biggest issue going on today!

Heading back to work tomorrow, hopefully. We got rained out 3 of 4 days last week. I've had way too much time on my hands, beginning to feel retired again.

Oh, and the Tennessee elections are today. What? I thought next Tuesday was the day. I have decided to not vote. I could go vote straight R but I don't know these local people, just not right...

I'll save my vote for the presidential in two. I cried with joy when I woke up to drive a bus in Driggs, ID, and learned that Trump had won. Steph can attest to that.

I remember when he announced an interest in the job after a brilliant radio interview with Sean Hannity, many years earlier, and I liked him then. When he ran and won, the world became better.