Pretty down and out today. I made it up to Walmart this morning where a couple of nice ladies in the eyeglass section hooked me up with some clip-on shades that fit my new glasses perfectly.

Then I went home, hunkered down, and watched TV all day. It's 730 in the evening, I'm sober, but thinking about correcting that situation.

Daniel was over for a while with his FireBall, talking about how his wife cuts his hair, trims his nails, and rubs his back. Yea, been there my friend, happy for you. Then, as he started talking about her making breakfast for him all the time, I had to shut him down.

I am concerned that I have lost the connection with my sister and her family back in Idaho and Wyoming, and this includes my nephew Brian. I think perhaps their sobriety has clashed with my lack of.

Wow, what a way to end up, and I take full responsibility for everything.

My shotgun is getting cleaned and leaf springs are being pulled, so as soon as the gun is ready I will load it up, stash it in the back of my truck for protection, and hit the road to that small eastern Tennessee junk yard.

I have not missed a day feeding my ducks since I started months ago, but it looks like that's going to happen.

Still haven't made that cocktail, guess I'll just go to bed. Goodnight...