My grand-daughter Shelby drove up from Pensacola to Nashville yesterday and Steph and I had lunch with her today in Smyrna, TN. We met up at the Jeff Kuss Memorial who was the Blue Angel killed in 2016 practicing for the airshow here. Shelby was a good friend of Jeff and his family in Pensacola and she was dating his best friend, another Blue Angel, when this happened. Very sad but his memorial is impressive.

We had a nice lunch and caught up with a lot. Looks like I've got a Thanksgiving invite in Mississippi at our friend Homer's mother's house. I am honored.

Steph was saying the last time she saw Shelby she was in the 5th grade and she's now 27. How can that be? Have I known Steph that long? The answer is yes.

Click the photo below for some more shots.

Compliments of Steph...