I will have been here for three years when August rolls around. When I first got here I was drinking water right from the tap because that's what I was used to. We had well water in Idaho and I was the guy who dove under the house to change the filter regularly so I know it was clean and great. I didn't like the taste of this water and assumed it was just typical city bullshit water, and started buying bottled water and setup a large dispenser. A significant amount of my grocery budget has been going to water.

Then last night my neighbor Daniel who was born and raised here and is the utility guy for the entire school district tells me that the water here is great. What?

We were watching a YouTube video of the Jack Daniels whisky plant down the road where the water was pumped out of a limestone cave, and he said that our town water was pumped up out of a well and filtered through limestone. The reason it tastes funny is because the city is mandated by the feds to add chlorine to it. He just fills a jug and lets the chlorine evaporate naturally before drinking it.

So, I got out some paper cups and we did a taste test in my living room. The water I've been buying was so filtered down it had no taste, where Daniels aerated tap water tasted like water.

I'm now going to fill my two big jugs of store bought water with tap water and let them sit for a bit. Thanks buddy!

And this photo has nothing to do with water, it's just the space from which this blog springs.