There once was an old guy that followed his lover from the Idaho mountains to her daughters family in the deep South of Tennessee.

He thought he had a chance of establishing a family connection with them, and for a while it was working out.

One day he did a kind thing, but it turned out to be the end of everything there. His lady's grandson was out of work so he got him a job as a tube handler at the place he worked and loaned him a hundred bucks.

He had known this seventeen year old boy since he was a baby back in Washington, and loved him like a son.

The job situation got messed up, which pissed off the boys mom, and suddenly the old guy was out of the family. His relationship with them died, and his lover gradually faded away, gone from Tennessee without him knowing.

Sadly, he had fallen in love with her two young grand-daughters, and it broke his heart. They went on to grow up and get into sports and he would have loved to have been there, taking photos and bragging about them on his blog.

He's still living there, still heart broken, and just a sad lonely old guy.