I have a sex drive but by consciously choosing to remove sex from the life equation, I'm able to focus more clearly on the important things: Booze, Pot, my Truck and my Cat.

My past becomes clearer the longer I live and I move forward in life knowing every breath might be my last. I have FOSDD (Fear Of Suddenly Dropping Dead) syndrome. What would become of my remains and my massive estate? Who would quietly shut down all of my stupid internet domains? Who would rub my cats fat belly...

The best cure for FOSDD is BPTC.

I recently created an amazing webapp called RideQue.com. Some late nights last winter I literally blasted out of bed with a brilliant solution to a block of code. Now I lift each leg out, carefully.

My whole life is in front of me, and unburdened. I ain't financially or emotionally holdin to nobody, with a little money in the bank. Maybe it's time to change the life equation?