The x-ray of my right shoulder showed no fractures from that fall down two flights of stairs. Just a lot of arthritis. I've been waiting for the pain to subside but it has spread down through my entire right arm.

I'm right-handed and I need that arm! I drive a shift stick, I move a mouse! If it goes South on me, here in the South, I'm done. The clinic said take Ibuprofin and it should get better. Umhuh... I am taking it and it dulls the pain for a while, until it doesn't.

I'm thinking about stopping all meds, like the two I take for Parkinson's, then just sit back and see what happens. I'll stock up on vodka, lock my front door and hunker down in my man cave. Pissin and moanin online all the way to the paupers cemetery!

This is Stephs beautiful grandaughter Lyla a few years ago up in Summertown. I lost them too.